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Economics Tuition SG fuels your academic journey across different galaxies and dimensions, including H1 Economics, H2 Economics, IB Economics, and AP Economics. With the precision of our rocket-grade methodologies and the power of our AI-enhanced materials, we can launch your understanding of economics into new orbits of confidence and acumen.


Redefining the Frontier of Economics Education

"Turbocharge your economics grades with our rocket booster strategies for academic lift-off!"

Future-Proof Your Economics Grades: The Tech-Driven Edge of Economics Tuition SG

Just like a space shuttle zooming through the sky at incredible speeds of up to 27,870 km/h to reach orbit in just 8.5 minutes, Economics Tuition SG uses the excitement and power of modern tech to boost learning. 

In today’s world, where space adventures and AI are part of our everyday life, we’re leading the way in using these cool innovations to make studying better. We take the smart planning behind a shuttle’s journey and mix it with our own special learning methods, like “Rule of 11” and “321-BOOST™”, along with AI-driven study aids. These tools are like rocket boosters for your education, pushing you past old-school ways of learning straight into noticeable improvements in your economics grades. Join Economics Tuition SG, and let’s take on the future of learning with the fun and speed of a space mission.

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Our Unique Selling Proposition can enable you to achieve your ambition

Launch Your Future with Economics-Tuition SG: A Journey Beyond

At Economics-Tuition SG, our USPs propel your academic journey:

  • Orbiter: Science-based methodologies for a deeper understanding of economics.
  • Booster #1: Precision-crafted study materials to elevate your knowledge.
  • Booster #2: Cutting-edge Q&A generation for sharpened analytical skills.
  • External Tank: Designed for inclusivity, fueling success for all students.

Prepare to launch into unparalleled academic success with us.


Orbiter - Science-Based Methodologies


Just as the orbiter is the heart of the space shuttle, navigating through the cosmos with precision and reliability, Economics-Tuition SG employs science-based methodologies to guide your understanding of economics. Within this Orbiter, we have engineered unique and proprietary techniques, including the “Rule of 11” , “321-BOOST™ “ and more, that are tailored specifically for mastering economics concepts at lightning speed.

Our approach ensures that your learning journey is both efficient and effective, propelling you towards academic excellence with the grace and certainty of a spacecraft in orbit.

Booster #1 - Precision-Crafted Study Materials

Imagine the boosters that propel the space shuttle into space, providing the necessary thrust to break free from Earth’s gravitational pull. Our precision-crafted study materials are designed to give your economics understanding a similar boost through our unique in-house Edutech AI visualization software. This cutting-edge tool creates high-quality economic charts, making complex data easily understandable and engaging. These visuals are integrated into our study notes and lecture materials, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of our coaching. With these advanced resources, we bring economics theories to life, offering a richer, more comprehensive learning experience that propels you forward in your academic journey. 

Booster #2 - Cutting Edge Q&A Generation


The second booster delivers the necessary force, ensuring the shuttle achieves its targeted orbit. In a similar vein, our advanced Q&A technology boosts your capability to solve intricate economic questions, refining your analytical abilities and readying you for any test. Utilizing our proprietary Edutech AI software, this technology crafts comprehensive, customized sets of questions and answers. By employing thousands of adjustable parameters within our Q&A frameworks, we are able to produce an extensive variety of personalized practice scenarios. This method does more than prepare students; it thoroughly equips them to navigate a wide range of economic challenges, rendering our Q&A technology a crucial element of their study tools.

External Tank - Designed for Inclusivity

The External Tank of our program symbolizes our commitment to inclusivity, fueling every student’s potential, regardless of their starting point. At Economics-Tuition SG, we harness the power of online group tuition to bring down the cost of conducting our courses. This approach allows us to provide one of the most competitively-priced tuition courses in the market without compromising the quality of our service. Our belief is firm: every student has the potential to excel in economics, and our well-structured support system is the catalyst for their success. By reducing costs through online group sessions, we pass on the savings to you, offering top-tier educational quality at an accessible price point. We believe every student can reach stellar heights in economics, and we’re here to fuel your journey to the top.


Innovating Success: Using Cutting-Edge EdTech to Algorithmically Enhance Our Study Materials

Utilizing the innovative EdTech tools developed by our distinguished tutor, Andy, in the deep learning A.I. Lab at ANN-SENSE PTE. LTD., we take academic excellence to new heights. Our exclusive, proprietary software enables our educators to significantly enhance the quality of our learning materials. From customized charts to expansive question banks, carefully curated notes, and model answers for essay questions, we deliver a personalized learning experience. This approach ensures that our educational content is not only of the highest quality but also precisely tailored to the specific needs of our students, establishing a new standard for academic achievement.

Elevate Your Economics, Not Your Expenses: Quality Education at Unbeatable Value

"Why overspend on economics tuition when our innovative online group format slashes costs without compromising quality? Through collaborative learning, we've redefined affordability, making top-tier education accessible to all. Our dedicated instructors harness the power of collective study sessions to deliver expert guidance and cutting-edge resources at a fraction of traditional prices. Join our dynamic online community and experience the best in economics education without breaking the bank."

The Courses That I Am Teaching

I teach a variety of economics and analytic courses

a level economics tuition- jc economics tuition- h1 economics tuition - h2 economics tuition - economics tuition Singapore - best economics tuition - best economics tutor
GCE 'A' Level Economics

Tuition for H1 and H2 GCE ‘A’ Level Economics

economics tuition Singapore - AP economics tuition - IB economics tuition - best economics tutor - best economics tuition
AP / IB Economics

Tuition for AP / IB Macroeconomics and AP / IB Microeconomics

data analytics tuition - data science tuition - Ai tuition - machine learning tuition - data analytics workshops - data analysis workshops
Data Analytics

Workshop and Tuition for Data Analysis and Analytics courses in Orange, Tableau, as well as R and Python Programming

What My Students Say

These are a few reviews from various courses that I have taught. Click here to see more reviews from LinkedIn.


This is Olalekan, one of your current analytic students. I want to thank you for being such a good teacher. I have been in several training sessions since I started this journey but you are the best of all.

Your style and method, patience, and above all skills are unequaled. Thank you so much for your efforts.

A. Olalekan

I recommend Mr Tai as an instructor to learn from for topics related to Data Analytics, Machine Learning and statistics. He is clear and systematic in his delivery, and his teaching materials enable practical practice of the concepts taught. His concept maps concisely and clearly summarised the key information required in the subject matter. 

Pei Yun

Andy has demonstrated a deep understanding of both Data Science and Economics. While I was under him for my Data Analytics course, he explained the machine-learning concepts extremely well and the mathematical foundations behind them. Math and coding are not my strong suites, but he definitely made it easy for me to understand logically. You can tell that he really knows what he’s talking about in-depth. Thanks you Andy!

Justin Ho

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why am I struggling with economics?

There could be various reasons why you may be struggling with economics. Here are a few possible explanations:

Lack of Interest: It may be tough to become motivated to study and completely engage in the material if you are not interested in economics.

Lack of comprehension: Economics may be a challenging subject that calls for a solid grasp of many different ideas and concepts. It may be challenging to understand more complex issues if you have not thoroughly mastered the fundamental ideas.

Difficulty in Application: Applying theoretical notions to actual circumstances can be difficult because economics also requires a lot of arithmetic and critical thinking. It may be difficult to properly understand the principles as a result.

Ineffective Study Techniques and Insufficient Study Time: Students may struggle with economics if they are using ineffective study techniques or not dedicating enough time to studying. For example, if you spend hours passively reading a textbook without actively engaging with the material or testing your understanding, it may be challenging to retain the information. Additionally, students may not be spending enough time studying economics. Economics can be a complex subject that requires a significant amount of time and effort to understand fully.

Inappropriate Instruction: Sometimes, the quality of instruction can play a significant role in your struggles. This can include unclear explanations, inadequate examples, or differences in teaching style that do not align with your learning preferences. It may be tough to completely connect with the topic if your teacher’s training method does not resonate with you. In such cases, consider seeking additional help from private tutors or reviewing the material on your own to supplement your learning.

Large group environment: Some students struggle to concentrate and learn in a classroom with many students. It might be difficult to ask questions or participate in conversations when they are distracted by other pupils or external influences. Smaller study groups or one-on-one coaching may be more beneficial in such instances.

It’s essential to identify the cause of your struggles with economics so that you can take appropriate steps to address them. Consider talking to your teacher, or seeking additional help from private tutors. With effort and dedication, you can overcome your difficulties and gain a better understanding of economics.

2. Do I need economics tuition?

Whether or not you need economics tuition depends on your individual situation and needs. If you are having difficulty in economics and are not making progress despite your efforts, seeking additional assistance from a tutor or economics tuition may be beneficial. A tutor may provide you personalized attention and assistance, identify where you can improve, and provide extra materials and practice activities to help you master the subject.

On the other hand, further tuition may not be necessary if you are already making progress in your studies and are confident in your comprehension of economics. It is essential that you evaluate your personal needs and choose what would be most beneficial in your own circumstances.

3. What are the key differences between H1 Economics and H2 Economics?

H1 Economics introduces fundamental micro and macroeconomic concepts, but H2 Economics is more advanced and covers a broader variety of subjects including: factor immobility, information failures, market dominance, firms and decisions, and international trade. H2 Economics is more challenging, demanding higher-level analytical and critical thinking skills, and is appropriate for students interested in pursuing higher education or jobs in economics or similar subjects. H1 Economics is more suitable for students who have a general interest in economics or want to gain a basic understanding of economic concepts.

Students enrolled in H1 and H2 Economics will share the same tuition classes. H2 students, on the other hand, will be expected to attend additional lessons in June and September to cover those extended topics.

4. What makes Andy different from the other economics tutors in the market?

Andy’s is a top-notch economics tuition provider with a difference. Here’s what sets Andy apart from the rest:

  1. Experienced and Highly Qualified Tutor: Andy, the founder and principal tutor of, is a highly qualified and experienced tutor with more than a decade of teaching experience. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the University of London and a Master of Social Science (Applied Economics) from the National University of Singapore. During his academic career, he scored distinctions in his economics courses, demonstrating his exceptional academic abilities. Besides his vast teaching experience, Andy has spent many years in the corporate world, where he engaged in business development, corporate analysis, and economic research. Andy routinely shares his real-world insights with his students, enriching their learning experience and giving them with a thorough grasp of economics that goes beyond textbooks.
  1. Customized Learning Approach with Appropriate Student-Teacher Ratio: Andy uses a personalized teaching technique that takes each student’s particular requirements and learning styles into consideration. As a result, he has successfully helped students improve their grades and gain a deeper grasp of economics. Furthermore, to ensure consistency in the quality of each course, the maximum class size is limited to 10 individuals. This allows for a lot of interesting dialogues and specific clarifications while yet keeping an appropriate student-teacher ratio.
  1. Exam-Focused Coaching: Andy’s teaching focuses on preparing students for exams, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and more importantly strategies to score well in their economics exams. He provides detailed explanations of economics concepts and exam-style practice questions to reinforce learning.
  1. Flexible Tuition Arrangements: Andy offers various tuition choices that allow students from a variety of situations to obtain a quality economics education at an affordable price. To accommodate his students’ various learning styles, he provides group and individual tutoring sessions, as well as online lessons. Andy also offers free consulting sessions after courses through email and Whatsapp, where he explains any issues and answers any queries outside of his teaching hours within a 24-hour timeframe to the best of his abilities.
  1. Data Analytics Training: In addition to teaching economics, Andy provides data analytics classes during vacation periods. This allows students to blend analytics and economics while also gaining practical capabilities that are relevant in today’s rapid evolving market.

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