The Courses That I'm Teaching

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H1 and H2 Economics Tuition (Conducted Online)

Rates are affordably priced at S$75 per 1.5-hour weekly lesson. These lessons are conducted online and on a group basis.

Tuition for Degree-Level Economics Courses

We can provide customized tuition for various degree-level economics courses. Please contact Andy for more details on fees and tuition arrangements.

AP and IB Economics

Tuition for diploma-level courses such as AP and IB Economics is priced at $150 per hour (excluding transportation costs for individual face-to-face tuition). The number of hours needed will depend on the needs of the learners.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Supplementary data science / data analytics workshops are offered during vacation periods to broaden and strengthen learners' skillsets. These add-on lessons can help to reinforce learners' analytical and critical thinking skills that are key requisites of students studying Economics. More importantly, following the accelerating pace of digitalization and automation, having competencies in data science and data analytics will also help them to prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

More details on these courses will be published in due course. For ah hoc workshops, please click here.